A visit to Howth and Malahide Castle

Malahide Casle was in the Talbot family since- well, a very long time.They sided on the Catholic side of things in 1690, Battle of The Boyne, and still managed to keep the castle, but that’s too long a story for us here. The castle and gardens are now owned by the Irish government, and the tour there is quite interesting. Aidan brought the history to life, and you’ll see him here.IMG_3795.jpgThis carved oak wall is more than 800  years old.  It hides a ‘priest hole’ and altar behind it.  Aidan is pointing out the fine carving of the angel’s foot here.IMG_3800.jpgHeads of State sat in  in these chairs to settle somelarge international problems.  They include Maragaret Thatcher and Ronnald Reagan.

IMG_3803 2.jpg

From the castle I took the bus to Howth, just outside of Dublin.  Howth has a lovely harbor, a good sized fishing fleet, and a Starbucks. The rail system delivrs you from Dublin to Howth in a short time.IMG_3837.jpgIMG_1799.jpgIMG_3849.jpgIMG_1800.jpg


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