Yeats, Poetry & Magic August 6

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You’ll never know what you’ll find when you visit the library or ask for help in  researching information. My daughter Jenny took this to an unusual place when she was eight years old. Her home work was to find the names of the counties in Massachusetts. She came up short and needed some help. Jenny called the Information operator and asked her. The operator explained that they were not actually there to give out information like a library, but she’d ask her  peers, and they helped to complete the homework.  Jenny was thinking out of the box, and when one goes into the Irish National Library one does well to think out of the box and celebrate the gifts that come. The people are kind. The building is gorgeous. There’s wonderful stained glass windows.

IMG_3631 2.jpgWindow on the stairwell of the library.

When your working at the library perhaps looking up your kin, you can  have a spot of tea and snack in the cafe as well as help with your genealogy. Upstairs you can research many things– just ask.  When you go downstairs your find the Yeats exhibit.


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Yes, these are my feet mirrored.  Sorry for the photo quality.  It was dark and all was under glass.


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I hope you enjoy this bit of Yeats as much as I did.  There as also a bit of information about his marriage, and many of his notebooks were there as well.



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