The Neighborhood

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This shop is kitty corner across the road from me.  It’s owned by a family with several young children, and they’ve been sitting outdoors  in the good weather and playing.  The young son had on a Superman costume,  I restrained myself from speaking to the young Superman. I knew the orignal Superman, Mayo Kahn. He was a dear mentor and friend.


I spent some time today walking around the neighborhood  and food shopping Then I went up to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for– well.  That’s a story in silliness itself.  It’s a huge church, and I’ve walked by it many times, but hadn’t gone in. I thought I’d spring for Mass, as the sign outside said the morning would have the Eucharist, and in the afternoon they’d be a musical service.  I thought.  Cool!  The Armenian masses I’ve attended have had wonderful sacred music. I trotted up there for 3:15. Its huge, medival, and you could get lost in there.


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The music– the choir singing — was gorgeous. The organ music was lovely.  And the priest. The priest turned out to be a minister.  I couldn’t quite figure it out.  We were doing enough sitting and standing  o have me think we were being Catholic; I thought perhaps they’d left out the kneeling because the floors were hard tile, and they were being thoughtful.  We even said the Apostles Creed. We did a variation of the ” Holy holy holy” part of the mass, but communion didn’t follow.  The reading begin with something similar to ” And Jesus said”  how foolish you are to be —-‘ Right then I was startled out of my reverey.  I had never heard that kind of speech being attributed to Jesus. So today I went to my first Protestant service in Ireland. Mostly because I wasn’t paying attention. They have grand music there on a weekly basis, and at lunchtime they have hour long concerts as well. It’s well worth going in yourself to hear the organ.  And the choir will knock your socks off as well.


IMG_1679 2.jpgThe  Grand Canal is a short 5 minutes from the house.




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