August 4 Two Shrines at the Museum and The Snapper

IMG_3696.jpgI began my day walking up to the north side of the Liffy to Capel Street.  I found Brother Hubbard Restaurant with a middle eastern style of menu, and with home-made breads.  When I first came to Ireland, there was great bread all over— the nice brown bread that was difficult to leave alone. I haven’t found any yet. It used to be served with tea or soups as a matter of course.

I continued north to the Gate Theater to see a new production of The Snapper, filled with a sell out crowd and done well.  On the way home I meandered through the shops near Henry Street, found a great bargain backpack at Penny’s, hommus and sweet potato flatbread at Dunnes Stores, and had tea & soup at Mark & Spencer for an early supper. I never would have put mint into pea soup but it’s lovely.  Finally home and resting.

I want to share a couple shrines that were at the museum visit yesterday.  I took a photo that was prove positive of what a  giant of a man Saint Patrick   was. You can imagine if this shrine was made for only one tooth how large his head and the rest of his body was.IMG_3497 2.jpg

Along with this was a shrine for Saint Brigit’s shoe as well, and she seems to have a small foot.IMG_3498.jpg

On the way home there were so many food choices, including my favorite Spanish meal, a tortilla.  I never would have thought to find this in a package!




Crossing the Liffy to to southside & back home.



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