Hopping on the Circle of Life

I was gone from home a few days, and when I returned I found abundant amounts of baby rabbit poop–very tiny pellets that suggest the very young cottontail rabbits are venturing close to the house, and I’m curious what draws them to the sparse clumps or yarrow and thyme just in front of the  porch.  I wonder if it’s the lettuce leaves I toss around for them.


At dusk  I was on the phone with my sister. I gazed out the window and watched a large barred owl swoop silently to land in a white pine. Another owl glided down the driveway into the trees. Then I heard it, a baby barred owl begging, loud, plaintive and difficult to ignore. It cut through all other sounds. 

baby owls looking up.JPG

Much like a human baby cry, this commands attention. It’s the young owl cry when its hungry. I imagine the adult owls are at their wit’s ends as the young owl continues to complain. The adult owls that silently swoop around the yard would be pleased to find those cottontails. I’d gladly vote for the chipmunks and mice as fair game because they keep trying to move in with me, but hope they don’t catch the cottontails. I wish they’d try harder for the chipmunks. They’d be able to grab them from the third floor window ledges where they climb and look into the bedroom early in the morning. I also wonder if having active hunters like this  has caused the mice to move inside. Maybe the mice understand the baby owls plaintive hunger cry, and know they are trouble… In that case, I should record it and play it inside the house as well.

I watch owls glide silently  then land and blend into the tree perfectly.
Each night I hear them call through the trees.This night they’ve called back and forth for more than two hours.  I’m sure the Mama rabbit is teaching her young to stay put once dusk comes.

owl near bedroom-1.jpgOwl photos from HGrogan at https://www.instagram.com/hdgrogan/


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