Creeping toward July Appreciation to Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly who feature my poem in this new summer issue of the magazine. I just received it the mail and it looks like good reading.
In the past week I’ve passed female deer on the road about 4 times… they’ve stopped and watched me— we’ve watched each other.   I’m also striking up a friendship with a new rabbit family that’s moved in under my shed.The young brave one is growing, but prefers eating weeds to my offerings of extra lettuce and new strawberries.  I guess these rabbits believe that good fences make good neighbors and don’t want to start eating my garden. We’ve just had enough rain to replenish the vernal pools, and I wish I culd share the sound of the stream running fast again.  Frogs are hopping all through the garden today, and a small garden snake was in the lettuce.  Summer Blessings.
IMG_0343 2.jpg

Litha Arrives

Frog multitudes sing

outside the window

They know how to celebrate

how to have a good time

no second thoughts for them

mauve lit dragonflies dance

dusk leaks purple into gold 

and sets the water on fire

this warm night

young deer leap

splash in the pond

not knowing why

antlers click on oak when

The forest guardian rises 

sensing him

the doe draws near

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