Blossoms Sniff Out May

Unusual things can happen on May first. May first  has a bit of magic. When I was in early elementary school, we’d save our small boxes and decorate them with crepe paper, make some sort of handles, and fill them with treats.  I have memories of putting crayons and sweets into them.  We’d walk  up the steep hill to the Whidden Hospital and leave the May baskets with young children who were in the ward.  We made our parents smaller baskets and filled them with dandelions and violets that we picked from backyards and the last remaining field on our street. No matter how you celebrate, it’s a lovely tradition to honor Spring’s return.


By May, the air has the fragrance of flowers. This hidden corner of forest holds the cold between pine, like a closed fist. May warmth has seeped into the ground. Mayflower blooms on the sandy hillsides, giving a strong sweet smell from tiny bell-shaped blossoms that often are hidden under large leathery leaves. At forest edge trillium and lady slipper bloom, scattered along the road to Laurel Lake.  In the deeper warmth of southern states orchids I found this plant, sniffing the scent of spring.


On this day to celebrate May  many of us gather on the Montague town common and elsewhere to celebrate with parade, Maypoles, and picnics. Bright May Blessings to All.


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