Samhain Halloween New Year

It’s all the same holiday.  As a Catholic child, we celebrated Halloween, and went to church for All Saints Day, and again the next day, for All Souls Day.  The veil  between the worlds is said to be thinner on Samhain, or Halloween.  Have you felt it  yourself, perhaps, as we’ve progressed towards the end of October? At the beginning of the month I visited my family graves to plant daffodil bulbs, and to say hello.  I also visited my town cemetery, where I was moved to find the following two headstones together. However you celebrate this time,  may you and yours be healthy, warm, and well


Hallowed Night

On this New Year’s Eve
I make ready for visitors,
wash the linen tablecloth,
light candles inside
carved pumpkins,
set a basket of green apples
from the gnarled tree that stands
in front of the house.

Thick creamy milk from Chase Hill
jerseys is poured into mugs,
wedges of homemade bread
slathered with butter,
Hot tea, minty and black,
a measure of whiskey for dad.
This night, a gathering.

I wait with anticipation
under orange streaked sky.
It’s almost time, almost ready.
Wait for the air to stir.

Welcome the old ones
this Hallowed Eve
James Ball, (1776)
the sidhe and nature spirits,
ancestors who travel through
rivers of blood, and others
who follow the stars tonight
to join this gathering
much like a renewal of vows


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