June temperatures seesaw between the forties and the nineties, confusing both  tomatoes and peas in the garden. Now as summer solstice arrives, warmth stays. Peonies, iris, daisies,comfrey—all flowers that stand on stalk or tumble on vine,  outdo themselves as  solstice approaches. Mountain Laurel surrounds the lake, the hummingbirds sip, and we’ve begun summer rituals, visiting the local beaches and  walking acrosss the Bridge of Flowers.  Summer begins.





kids dive and shout
look––the geese
a fish bit me
watch out– a snake
hey– let’s swim to the rock

the buzz of bumble bees
doing the impossible
stuffing themselves into
each blossom head first

a quiet plop
the frog disappears
when the turtle
slips off the rock

the change from day to dusk
when the cicadas pack up shop
and crickets take over the night

and like teenagers
for no good reason
except it’s summer
we’ll fall in love a little bit



Much thanks to Ron Harton, Editor of Nature Writing, www.naturewriting.com, for publishing Maria Elena in Brooklyn this week,  June 20, and Vernal Pool the following week. 

NatureWriting is an online magazine for readers and writers of nature writing featuring Poems, Essays, and Journals.  

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Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, beginner artist- pottery, painting—communing with Spirits of the Forest and Field, bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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