The Big Night


Remember the Italian movie with this name? All the fabulous  Italitian food? The Big Night around here is about amphibians.  It’s about the salamanders and frogs kicking up their heels… and tonight may be the Big Night in this neighborhood.  Imagine, if you will, frogs dressed in their finery, tucking into a bowl of pasta, then tossing back a few, to get them in the mood.

Also imagine a night of pouring rain, temperatures above freezing, and quiet carloads of people lurking on wet unlit country roads, near swamps, ponds, and any bit of wetness. They all hold flashlights and shiver in the cold wetness. Yep, that’s the big night!

Lucky for me, I have a ringside seat. I don’t have to creep around on dark wet country roads. A vernal pool is between my house and Moss Brook. Yesterday temperatures hovered in the low eighties, although we still have snow on the ground.  It was strange to wear a tee shirt and sandals, and therefore not be able to walk through the snow covered half of the yard. However, the vernal pool was free of snow and ice, and I snapped a few photos.  The wood frogs began to call in the late afternoon, one by one.

Now i’ts raining.  I think tonight they’ll be a lot of amphibians celebrating an kicking up their heels!



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