What the Wind Blew In

This morning, at first light  the sky was still. I opened the curtains to let in the light, then snuggled back under the covers, waiting til 7AM. First the wind blew in a dazzling snow squall that swirled like three story tall cloaked Sufis twirling outside so fast that tall pines were hidden.

Second, a proper gift from the beginning of Spring: Please find the first publishing of a new bit of poetry, in https://threedropspoetry.co.uk, for which I am  very grateful. Three Drops in The Cauldron Journal comes out of the UK.  Happy Spring!  The wheel continues to turn toward light.  See if you can find the cauldron.



About elainereardon

Poet, writer, gardener, herbalist, beginner artist- pottery, painting—communing with Spirits of the Forest and Field, bumping into magic, peeking around new corners.
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