Now, where would I begin this story?  Is magic as natural as the air that surrounds us? Does it flow through the world like water flowing, falling from clouds, and moving with the tides and moon?  The old ways are imbedded in the blood,  flowing from our ancestors to us, like a river through time.Therefore, to begin, I’d take you back to the old country, to visit An Bhóinn, the River Boyne, so you could feel her timlessness and mightiness as she flows.  img_0886Next we’d go into NewGrange and Dowth. You’d feel the magic seeping into you as though you were a dry piece of toast  just tossed into the river, you’d  feel it soak straight into the heart and bones of you. And nothing would be the same.


We’d go into Dublin, stopping where ever you’d like. But sure, since we’re talking of magic, we’d walk on the north side of the River Liffey to visit the Garden of Remembrance.  You may remember this story?


img_0772Now we’d be properly steeped in a bit of Ireland,  and we’d return to the forest in New England where it does feel a bit different, with the vast amounts of trees and the severe lack of sheep. Walk in the wood,  listen to the streams, and bend to the flowers, feel the relationship of the River Boyne to this small stream. Stand on the damp earth, hear the water’s movement, note how the gnarled roots of cherry, oak and pine reach down into the earth. Feel the presence of the Guardian of the Forest.


As you wander, you may  find the Ladies of the Forest.img_0128



At last we’d have a cup of tea, and as we sit, we’d look at a bit of magic from my other old country, Armenia, or Hyastan. I’m speaking of oriental carpets. This is a new  l carpet made in the old  Armenian, or Hye, folk tradition. The idea of a magic carpet is not far fetched!  Patterns  in this carpet include magic. There are arrows to redirect one’s attention here—and there!  There are trees of life,  fox, eagles, peacocks and water dragons, to name a few things. There’s way more than I understand.One idea held in this carpet is you don’t want to draw attention to your good luck. Just be grateful, quietly, that you have it. img_0350 I’ll end here, with a magical carpet for you to rest or ride on. Blessings. Drive safely. Remember the way home.img_0349

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